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Public Service Career Recognition Program (Loan Assistance Repayment Program)

Program Description

Application Form

The New York Law School Public Service Career Recognition Program honors the commitment made by graduates to pursue careers in public service. New York Law School recognizes the importance of community-based legal services, encourages its students to participate in public service activities, and promotes the pursuit of public service legal careers.  We are mindful of the financial sacrifice made by many graduates to pursue these careers, and this program is designed both to recognize this choice and to relieve a portion of the student loan debt carried by graduates who have chosen this route.

In order to assist graduates who have chosen public service careers, loan repayment assistance loans are provided by the Law School to refinance part of existing education debt.  The loans are fully forgiven immediately after the end of the calendar year in which they are made, providing the recipient is still employed in qualifying employment. 

While the program is modest and cannot provide financial assistance to all those who qualify, we still wish to recognize all our graduates choosing public service careers.  Therefore, all qualified applicants will be acknowledged for their dedication to public service in New York Law School publications.

We anticipate making one or two financial awards of $1000-$2000 each year.  Award recipients may renew their awards annually for a total of three years of funding by providing appropriate documentation verifying a continuing commitment to a legal career in public service.

Qualifying Employment:
The graduate must be employed at least 35 hours per week by a government agency or a legal services or other nonprofit public interest agency in a legal position. 

Application Procedure and Criteria for Selection:
Graduates may apply for a loan repayment assistance loan starting at graduation and no more than three years after their date of graduation. 

The application and supporting documentation (see attached) must be submitted by December 1.  Award decisions will be made the following January.  Funds will be disbursed in February in the form of a loan from NYLS, and recipients must execute a promissory note before such funds will be disbursed. 

Applicants must have outstanding loans borrowed while enrolled at New York Law School for completion of the JD program. Eligible loans include loans borrowed under the Federal Stafford Loan program, Federal Perkins Loan Program, New York Law School Loan and alternative loan programs.  Loans borrowed for post-educational expenses (i.e. Bar loans) are not considered.

Selection will be based on a review of the applicant’s commitment to public service activities, potential for leadership in the field, and quality of the written statement.