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Dean Matasar and Arthur Abbey Welcome New Students

Dean Richard A. Matasar welcomed this year’s entering students to New York Law School on Monday, August 21st by telling them that “there is 115 years of history here” and that “each of you has your choice to join that legacy.”

“It is your time. It is your place,” the Dean said as he urged the new first-year students to become part of the ongoing story of New York Law School.

In brief remarks preceding the Dean, Arthur N. Abbey ’59, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, advised the students to “be honest and be ethical.

"At all times, remember you are a licensed practitioner, Mr. Abbey said, "That license is the most valuable thing you have.”

Both Mr. Abbey and Dean Matasar told the students assembled in the Steifel Reading Room that the next few years will be momentous ones for the Law School, as well as for the individual students. Dean Matasar said the construction of the new building in the parking lost space adjacent to 47 Worth Street would be “challenging” as well as “tremendously exciting.”

The Dean explained that the theme of the fundraising campaign that will support the construction project, Breaking New Ground, is especially appropriate because the Law School is not only literally breaking ground for a building, but also continuing to break new ground in terms of curriculum development.

The curriculum the Law School is offering this year, the Dean noted, is different from that offered last year, and probably will change again next year. The changes and refinement are part of the process of “getting it right,” the Dean said. “Continuously striving for improvement,” he added is part of the ethos of New York Law School.

Echoing Mr. Abbey’s words, the Dean also urged the student to develop a sense of professional ethics.

“When you graduate there will be high demands placed on you,” he said, “and the highest should come from you.”

The law is a very competitive field, he added, and the job of the Law School is to serve the needs of each individual student.

“Our job is to find that thing you are most interested in and help you connect to it,” he explained.

The Dean asked the students in the room to get to know their classmates, the “people who are co-venturing” with them because “these are the people you will learn from.”

Finally, the Dean spoke of the Law School’s promise to its students and the promise the students in turn, must make to the Law School.

Our promise, the Dean said, is “to serve you well.” He pledged that the faculty and staff would listen, respond to needs, treat students with courtesy, and work hard “to connect you to your dreams.”

In return, he told the students that their job was to question what they disliked or didn’t understand but above all, “to stock to it and work hard.”

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