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Frederick Horwood '94 Competes in Ironman Competititon

Alumnus Frederick Horwood ’94, competed in the Ford Ironman World Championship held in Kona, Hawaii in October. If you were a member of the New York Law School Class of 1994, you may remember seeing Fred Horwood riding his bicycle to class. In 1994, Mr. Horwood began entering competitive bike races, but his interest in athletics began long before.

In 1985, when he was 20, Mr. Horwood participated in his first triathlon and vowed then to celebrate his fortieth birthday by entering the Ford Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. This year, Mr. Horwood made good on that promise, finishing 1,020th out of 1,700 competitors overall and 178th out of 248 men in his age group.

“Getting there was great and being there was great,” Mr. Horwood said. “I am a little disappointed that I didn’t do better but it’s such an intense competition. My main goal was to qualify and it was an incredible experience.”

The triathlon is actually three races. Competitors at Kona first swim 2.4 miles in the ocean, then bike 112 miles and finish off with a 26.2 mile marathon run.

“The swimming was probably the most difficult for me because I have the least experience in that area and with 1,700 swimmers in the water at once, it is pretty chaotic,” Mr. Horwood said.

Mr. Horwood's wife Gail and his two daughters, eight-year-old Bridget and four-year-old Lila, were in Hawaii with him.

“My family is very supportive,” Mr. Horwood said. “”They come to all my races.”

When he isn’t competing in triathlons, Fred Horwood is an Associate Counsel at Time, Inc.

We asked Mr. Horwood if he has made any vows concerning his 50th birthday.

“I said if I made it through the Ironman, that would be all I wanted to do,” he said, “I’m not making any vows, but now that I have done it, I may do it again.”