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Mid-Year Graduates Honored at Reception

With family and friends and Law School faculty and staff looking on, six J.D. graduates and two graduates of the LL.M. program in taxation were honored at the annual Mid-Year Graduates Reception held in the Wellington Center on March 29th.

Dean Richard A. Matasar told the graduates and their guests that the Mid-Year Reception was “a great opportunity to get together in a smaller setting.” He said that, in general, students who graduate mid-year fall into two categories: part-time students “who somehow or other figured out how to get through this thing in three and a half years” and students who have taken “a different path” to get to law school.

Dean Matasar said that the mid-year graduates deserved praise for their hard work and diligence. He noted they were “very efficient students” who had learned how to budget their time and complete their assignments during subway rides and in between the many other obligations in their lives, including work and families. This efficiency, he said, is “a trait that will help you the rest of your lives.”

The dean also praised the students’ families “who most of the time in law school are invisible.” These families, he said, “have been your support system all the way through.”

Each graduate was called to the podium to receive a gift and make a few remarks. The graduates spoke about their feelings about New York Law School and their gratitude to their families.

“I have to be honest,” Timothy Ameres said, “New York Law School wasn’t my first choice when I came here, but I’m very happy with my choice and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

”I’d like to thank the Law School for giving me the opportunity to prove to myself that I could do this,” Joseph Guzzardi said.

Lawrence Tendler thanked his professors who he described as “always challenging and nurturing. He also thanked his fiancée, Anya Mironova, who is a third-year student at New York Law School. Mr. Tendler said he was working on Wall Street, which left him feeling unsatisfied, and she encouraged him to do something about it.

“Anya, the reason I’m standing here is you,” he said.

“I have a double thank you to give to New York Law School because I also earned my J.D. here,” Saverio Cereste, one of the two LL.M. graduates at the reception, said. “I highly encourage others to consider the LL.M. program.”

At the end of the ceremony, Dean Matasar thanked the graduates for coming back to the Law School for the reception and pointed out the faculty and staff members present.

“This is a great network of individuals that you will be a part of now,” he said. He also asked the graduates, now alumni, to remember the Law School in the future and become supporters.

“Every dollar we get from our graduates is a dollar we try to put back into our law school,” he said.

The Mid-year J.D. graduates at the reception were:

  • Timothy Ameres
  • Lora Amorese
  • Roberta Cohen
  • Patrick Diamond
  • Joe Guzzardi
  • Lawrence Tendler

Michelle Murray was unable to attend.

The Mid-year LL.M. graduates at the reception were:

  • Saverio Cereste
  • Italo Valerio
  • Peter Holiat was unable to attend.